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The Canons Playground Workshops

As part of the capital works at The Canons House & Grounds, we have a specialised playground design consultancy firm who are working on an innovative new place for children and families to have fun and relax.

The playground designers, Studio Hardie, have run four workshops to engage with children and parents about what they would like to see in the playground and to teach the community about how innovative playground design works. In the first workshops, Studio Hardie talked about playground design and got the participants to draw some ideas out. In the second workshops, participants used materials like sticks and pipe cleaners to build models, shapes and designs. At the moment, the designers are away putting together first draft plans for the playground, and will present these in a third workshop where participants will build a model from the designs.

One set of workshops was delivered at Cranmer Primary School with students and parents from Cranmer Primary and St. Peter and St. Paul Primary, while the second set was delivered with the Peer Mentors at the SHINE programme.

We can't wait to see what the designs look like and the chance to build some near life size models! Watch this space.

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