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National Park City Week 2018

The Canons House & Grounds got into the spirit of National Park City Week in 2018 with a number of great events.

A local provider of children's engagement activities taught children about the history of lavender in Mitcham, while planting lavender pots, making lavender oil and lavender sachets. Mitcham was known for its lavender fields in the 18th and 19th centuries and the production of lavender oil for use in perfume was popular.

We also went on a fantastic walk with the Friends of Mitcham Common, across the beautiful Common and ending with a chance to see the inside of the medieval dovecote.

Lastly, on the 25th of July, the Mitcham Cricket Green Conservation and Heritage group was having their summer celebration, Community on the Green, on the Cricket Green. As part of this celebration, the local Tree Warden's group organised a tree walk of The Canons House & Grounds and this was enjoyed by a large number of local people on a beautiful evening. We hope to have more of these walks in future.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and this blog for more information about National Park City Week 2019.

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1 Comment

We had such a lovely time making our Lavender bags and pots! I loved seeing so many locals from Mitcham engaged and supported with other people from the area; there is such a strong sense of positive community spirit. The team behind the Canons project is doing for the community, keep it up guys!!!

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