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Canons are working towards becoming Dementia Friendly!

The 13 - 19th May 2024 is Dementia Action Week. It brings the UK together to take action on improving dementia diagnosis rates.

Did you know that Canon’s House and Grounds is a member of the Merton Dementia Action Alliance, and is working to become more dementia-inclusive? This means that Canons House are looking at the accessibility of the space, as well as giving staff the opportunity to learn about dementia, and listening to feedback from visitors who are affected by it.

Canons House visitors who have enjoyed the recently renovated house and grounds over the course of this year may have noticed the accessible features added by the architects, including a ramp entrance, new disabled toilets, a community room, and fixed gravel surfaces around the main house. This is particularly important for people with dementia, who may have their depth perception and balance impacted. It’s always a challenge to work with older buildings, and this work to increase access continues.

The Merton Dementia Action Alliance has over 100 members and represents a range of sectors from health and education to business, heritage, and charity. Heritage sites like Canons House & Grounds play an important part in reducing stigma and increasing access to public space

Merton as a borough is actively engaged in supporting 1800+ residents living with dementia, their families and carers. There is fantastic support available from the NHS and third sector organisations, as well as members of the Merton Dementia Action Alliance. This includes the newly named Merton Memory Hub in the heart of Mitcham, where people can come and talk about any memory concerns they may have, among other services.

Watch this space for Alzheimer’s Society information stalls and Dementia Friends Talks in the future. You can also try out an inclusive history tour of Canons House and Grounds, as well as the Nature Trail. Let’s make Merton a community that is dementia friendly.

You can also check or visit to find our more about Merton Dementia Action Alliance, please contact

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