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Mitcham Heritage Day 2019

On Saturday 14th of September, Mitcham Heritage Day 2019 took place. Mitcham Cricket Green Community and Heritage organises one day for many different historic sites across Mitcham to open to the public. This event is part of Heritage Open Days, the national festival.

This year at The Canons we were not able to open the house or the dovecote due to the upcoming Lottery project so instead we had a number of fun activities.

Philip Gaches, from Gaches Plastering, gave a number of talks on historic lime plaster and lots of visitors had the chance to try out plastering making with moulds.

We also had a beautiful exhibition of art from students at Cranmer Primary School. They visited The Canons in the Spring and Summer terms to take photos and learn about the history of the site. Back in the classroom, they created mixed media pieces inspired by the their experiences. The programme is organised by Mitcham Town Community Trust.

And finally, we had our information table set up with photos of The Canons from the Merton Memories project, information on the findings from the archaeological dig, some of finds on display and information on the upcoming Reminiscence Project.

We had wonderful visits from new and old residents of Mitcham, including the granddaughter of the last tenants of The Canons. We also were joined by Melanie's enthusiastic walkers celebrating the first day of the Wandle Fortnight.

We look forward to next year when we hope to be able to run events during the capital works so visitor can see what goes on behind the scenes.

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